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Conga Bugs is a PC Casual Game by GameTantra, a newly formed publishing and distribution label of Dhruva Interactive. GameTantra primarily focuses on the development and publishing of casual games for India's domestic and international markets.


File:5 Levels - Rollercoaster.jpg

Conga Bugs is an action-puzzle game in which players have to match bugs of similar colours within a time limit. Conga Bugs is Dhruva Infotech's first PC casual game under the GameTantra banner. It features 3D graphics and various gameplay modes.

System Requirements

File:3 Cutscenes.jpg
  • Windows Version(s) Supported: 95, XP SP2, Vista (NT/98/ME/2000 not tested)
  • Processor/Clock Speed: Minimum = P3 450 MHz, Recommended = P4 1 GHz
  • RAM: Minimum: 256 MB, Recommended = 1 GB
  • Hard Disk Space: ~70 MB for Uncompressed Installation. ~100 MB for Temporary Files.
  • Graphics card: Any Windows and DirectX Compatible 3D Accelerated Card, with at least 32 MB On-Board Memory
  • DirectX Version: Minimum = DirectX 7.1. Recommended = DirectX 9
  • Sound Card: Any Windows and OpenAL Compatible Sound Card


In February 2009, GameZebo gave Conga Bugs a rating of 4/5.[1]


  1. Sapieha, Chad (2009-12-02). Conga Bugs Review. GameZebo. Retrieved on 2009-05-14.

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