Continuum Entertainment is a Brazilian game developer based in Curitiba, founded in January 1998.

Games developed

Big Brother Brasil

A game based on the reality show Big Brother Brasil, released in 2003, and published by the Brasoft Studios.

Desafio na Floresta

The title meaning something close to Challenge in the forest


A very small game deloped in 1999 only for advertising of a local internet service provider, called onda. The word Duelo in portuguese means Duel.

No Limite

A game based on a Brazilian popular reality show at the time, also called No Limite.

O Resgate dos Bichos

Developed as part of a McDonald's promotional campaign in Brazil (with the same name), in 2003. The title could be translated as The rescue of the animals.


The first game developed by the company, Othello is a boardgame also known as Reversi, adapted to the PC by Continuum.


An isometric real-time strategy game featuring two races: humans and robots. Released in 2000, Outlive was the second product of Continuum, but also its greatest project so far. The game was one of the few Brazilian games to be sold outside Brazil, published in the United States and Europe by Take-Two Interactive.

Xuxa e os Duendes 2

Based on the movie Xuxa e os Duendes 2, (the title meaning something like Xuxa and the elves 2), the game was a 2D sidescroller released in 2003.

Games in development


Inferno is a new game in production by Continuum. Demo version available on official site.

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