Intial surveys of Corang noted its high density and active plate tectonics, suggesting a high internal heat fueled by a greater than normal concentration of heavy elements and radioactives. Early test cores proved the mineral richness of the world, but distance from the mass relay in the Century system made it unprofitable to develop until late 2183.

The atmosphere is a smog of methane, ammonia, and water vapor, a so-called "primordial soup" similar to the conditions of early Earth. However, there is no evidence of life developing on Corang's surface beyond the level of simple dextro-amino acids. The minimal energy input of the red dwarf star Verr have created an energy-starved surface environment, though the planet's volcanism does hold open some possibility for subterranean development.


Scans have found locations matching the descriptions of Dr. Cayce's survey sites. Exploring the sites could reveal valuable mission data. Warning: Geth presence detected on planet's surface. Use extreme caution.

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