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Highly indepth and addictive web based PBBG space game.

Offers a wide range of free to play and paided player options. Overall it is one of the best games I have played for balance when it comes to paid and non paid accounts.

New player support is fantastic with real time web based live help system, with a highly supportive forum and IRC based community.

Overall if you are looking for a long term, stable and in depth web based game, you can't look past Core Exiles.

The Basics

Core Exiles is based around factions. Players get a ship and are dropped off in the sphere to begin their journey. The factions include: Gal-Fed, Alliance, O.R.S.A, Aliens, Courier, Pirate, and others. Your play in the game increases your standing in each category, allowing you further access to new NPCs as you go.

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