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Cosmic Nitro is a video game for multiple platforms developed by Phil Hassey.


File:Cosmic Nitro Screenshot.png
In Cosmic Nitro, players have to defend their city from five different types of falling enemies in nine levels, a secret level, and a non-stop mode (apocalypse). Players defeat these enemies by tapping on them although some enemies require more than one tap to defeat. Players can also use a shield by swiping their finger along the screen killing all on-screen enemies however this does not count towards the high score and the is only a limit of shields. The city has a health bar and once it is empty the game is over. Each mission increases in difficulty and there is a high score for each one. The apocalypse mode can not be completed and features a high score. The game has also been released on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


Cosmic Nitro has received generally positive reviews. 148 apps gave the game three star-rating commenting that if it was twice as hard it would be a must have.[1] Finger Gaming gave the game a four and a half star-rating, and asserted that it was 'nicely suited for bursts of game-play and is satisfying throughout.'[2]


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