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Counter -Strike: Source is a first-person shooting video game and a port of Counter-Strike. Players are divided up into 2 teams: the counter-terrorists (CT) and the terrorists (T). Each team is given an objective and can win by either completing this objective or killing the entire enemy team.

Weapons are purchased with money earned by killing an enemy ($800 per kill) or winning the round ($1800 for each team member). Some servers have a betting mod which allows bets to be placed on the outcome of a match with payouts going to those who bet on the winning team.

There are several different types of weapons in this game. They are split up into categories:

  • Pistols
  • SMGs
  • Rifles
  • Machine Guns

Other equipment can also be bought to help the player such as:

  • Night-Vision Goggles
  • Grenades
  • Body Armor

The list of available equipment depends on the player's chosen team.

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