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CountryLife is a game played through Facebook, claiming to have 8 million players per month, 1 million per day. Still in "Beta", it changes from time to time and is not 100% reliable (which means you may lose stuff!)

In appearance CountryLife is like Farm Town, FarmVille, and myFarm, starting with an isometric view of large areas of grass where the player can plow and sow and harvest or can plant trees or place other objects (some merely decorative).


You have coins, used mostly to buy seeds with, and various activities earn coins and/or experience points to take you to the next level, unlocking more types of activity. You can earn more coins and experience points by briefly working on your neighbors' farms: farms belonging to Facebook Friends who have agreed to be your neighbours.

Differences from other farm games

Unlike some games of its type, CountryLife starts your farm off as a going concern, with some wheat and clover ready to harvest and a Holstein cow who produces milk very soon after being fed a batch of clover. She takes just a minute to munch through a batch of clover and produce a can of milk.

Another difference between this and some other games is that you can process much of the raw material you produce. The first example is there from the start: feeding the cow clover. Not long into the game, you will probably be gifted a Cheese Master, which adds further value even faster, turning the milk into cheese. Later still, you may prefer to use the milk with eggs and flour to produce bread.

Another difference - very appealing to some players - is that crops don't rot.

You can earn coins and experience points by working on neighbours' farms, but there's no direct communication.


Just 30 experience points will put you up to level 2; you need greater increases for higher levels, so, for example, you must reach 500 for level 6. If your farm is increasing productivity, the additional experience targets will be reached in little if any more time.

You get 150 coins and some Ranch Cash at each new level.

For more detail, see list of levels.

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