A beehive is a valuable "animal" in the online game CountryLife.

The bees fly out to pollinate blooming clover and return to produce pots of honey. If there are three pots waiting for collection, the bees stop working until one is collected.

If the bees run out of unpollinated blooming clover they may go to sleep and not wake when more blooms appear; you have four possible ways to wake them:

  1. refresh the page
  2. collect a honeypot (which you could have left there exactly for this contingency)
  3. use the Move Tool to adjust the beehive and replace it
  4. sacrifice 5 coins by harvesting one field

The honey can be sold for 5 coins per pot, but a more profitable use is in each of the seven types of jam, where it is essential and adds more than 5 coins in value.

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