You can plant clover as part of playing CountryLife. It is ready to be harvested after 4 hours, but should be left until pollinated if you have a beehive, because the bees produce honey (worth 5 coins per jar) from the sugar they collect from each clover patch.

Availability levels


Reward for planting


  • Hours: 4
  • Sale price: 20 coins
  • Profit: 5 coins
  • Profit per hour: 1.25 coins
  • Profit if pollinated: 10 coins
  • Profit per hour if pollinated: up to 2.5 coins (pollination is never instantaneous)
  • Experience points per hour: 0.25
  • Alternative use: Feed to a cow for an extra 5 coins when selling the milk, or still more if the milk is processed.

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