CountryLife has a gift provision, whereby a player can send a free gift to any Facebook friend once a day.

Gifts sent to non-players act as an incentive to start playing.

What you can do with gifts

Those sent to players can be used or sold on acceptance. Once accepted (on the Facebook requests menu), they appear in a Gifts box, accessed from the toolbox, where the icon has attached to it a label saying how many gifts await attention. For each gift, you have three options:

Be careful: some gifts sell for pitiful amounts and should be saved until they can earn much more later; but you can't make a profit if your farm is chock-full of gear and animals with no trees or crops, so you may sell some gear and animals eventually
This sends a gift to your barn if it's something that can be stored in the barn; a thing that goes on the ranch will appear on the overview asking you to place it; a chicken must go in a Chicken Coop; if there's none in place, if there is no suitable area of clear grass for another gift, the gift will return to the gift box
Leave it there until later

Possible gifts

The range of gifts a player can send depends on the player's level. However, in late February 2010 players received a message saying an additional possible gift, for a limited time, would be 25 OP (automatic operations) - at normal prices you get between six and twelve of those for one Ranch Cash.

The palette of gifts, available or not, follows this order (where the number at the start indicates the level at which you can start gifting the item, and the number after is the sale price):

  • 1: Clover - 20 (which is very likely to disappoint the recipient)
  • 1: Tomatoes - 37 (which is very likely to disappoint the recipient)
  • 1: Wheat - 48 (clearly the best gift at level 1)
  • 2: Holstein Cow - 50
  • 3: Apple Tree - 50 (in the long term, trees are excellent value, better than sweaters on a "coins per land area" basis)
  • 3: Milk - 25 (which may disappoint the recipient)
  • 4: Honey - 5 (which is very likely to disappoint the recipient)
  • 4: Corn - 80 (clearly the best gift at level 4 unless the recipient wants a cow or an apple tree; so ask your friends what they want!)
  • 5: Chicken - 5 (which is very likely to disappoint any recipient who has no space in a Chicken Coop and no wish to add one)
  • 6: Flour - 62 (which may disappoint the recipient)
  • 6: Carrots - 84 (clearly the best gift at level 6 unless the recipient wants a cow or an apple tree)
  • 7: Eggs - 102 (clearly the best gift at level 7 unless the recipient wants a cow, a chicken, or an apple tree)
  • 8: Cheese Master - 90
  • 8: Grapes - 116 (the most saleable item you can give until level 14)
  • 9: Cheese - 32 (which may disappoint the recipient)
  • 9: Cherry Tree - 75 (more profitable than apple tree)
  • 9: Sheep - 60 (poor sale value, but a couple of sheep form part of one of the most profitable strategies after you have a weaver)
  • 10: Wool - 63 (which may disappoint the recipient)
  • 11: Angora Hair - 94 (which may disappoint the recipient)
  • 12: Angora Rabbit - 70 (which may disappoint the recipient, because animals that can't be used efficiently are a waste of valuable growing-space if placed on the ranch)
  • 13: Ketchup Wiz
  • 14: Wine - 130 (the most saleable item you can give until level 24)
  • 17: Orange Tree (more profitable than apple tree or cherry tree; the most profitable tree for making jam)
  • 20: Blueberries - 91 (which may disappoint the recipient)
  • 22: Banana Tree - 120?
  • 24: Blackberries - 135: better than wine - but a banana tree probably has more long-term value to most recipients
  • 28: Raspberries

Items that cannot be gifted

At the time of writing, the following items that could be bought could not be gifted:

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