The game "CountryLife" available to all members of Facebook is in its "Beta" stage. Improvements and other changes come in from time to time.

Among likely future improvements are some way of adding value to cheese and ketchup and an extension to the range of what can be gifted.


(most recent first)

March 2010
21st: Houses; and "Grind faster with the Brick Mill!" (which also produces Cornmeal) - and new possible gifts include materials for building that mill.
19th: Greenhouses: "Grow crops faster in a Greenhouse! Greenhouses require pipes and glass to build, so ask your friends to send you some materials!"
January 2010
22nd: new fruit: blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries, which produce fruit for jam, and Banana Trees, which do not
December 2009
19th: new machine "Weaver"
18th: automation
13th: Baker; and reduction in size of Cheese Master
8th: ranch size now allowed up to 29x29
4th: Jam'r - and 1,000,000 daily players
November 2009
29th: Camera
25th: Cherry Tree, Orange Tree; cows
15th: first tree, the Apple Tree
13th: reduced prices and neighbor numbers for expansions
10th: Beehive
3rd: Winemaker
2nd: smaller-size animals and gear; fertilizers; some time reductions and profit increases - and 200,000 daily players
1st: Sheep
October 2009
26th: updates to selling system
24th: Angora Rabbits
12th approx: game starts, using crops and some gear

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