A Holstein Cow is part of every CountryLife farm from the beginning. Holstein Cow's turn clover into milk giving a higher profit margin and one xp per unit of milk produced.

Each cow requires 3 x 2.5 squares as a footprint, and can be rotated.


Cows are fed clover, and like all processes in CountryLife up to three units of clover can be added to the cow's manager at a time. Holstein cows turn a unit of clover into a unit of milk in 60 seconds.


Cows produce milk which can be sold directly for 25 coins, or used as input for further processing for example to make cheese or bread

Increasing your herd size

Holstein cows are available as an item which can be gifted by neighbours. Additional Holstein cows can be purchased for 2500 coins.

An Ayrshire Cow and a Montbeliarde Cow are also available for 35 and 55 ranch cash respectively

Hints and Tips

Two Holstein Cows produce milk at the same rate as a Cheese Master converts it to cheese.

The Ayrshire Cow and Montbeliarde Cow produce milk at a faster rate, and so are more time efficient.

Waiting for clover to be pollinated by a beehive before harvesting increases profits per crop planted.

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