The Ketchup Wiz is used to make ketchup from tomatoes with a profit of 18 coins per item.

The Ketchup Wiz has a footprint of 2 x 2.5 squares and can be rotated. The Ketchup Wiz is purchased for 3,000 coins and is available at level 13. If no longer required, it can be sold for 60 coins. This item can be gifted by neighbors.


The Ketchup Wiz requires tomatoes which are processed in 55 seconds. Unprocessed tomatoes sells for 37 coins, but processing them using the Ketchup Wiz adds an additional profit of 18 coins.


The Ketchup Wiz produces ketchup. This can be sold for 55 coins per unit, and cannot be processed further. Each process also generates one xp for the farmer

Food Chain

Tomatoes - Ketchup Wiz - ketchup

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