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(under construction) Table shows the profit-per-growing-hour of CountryLife's single-crop finished products by the actual "growing" time (the time the crop took between planting and harvesting). Honey is not counted as a separate crop because it has no separate monetary cost and only a small variable production time. Table does not include products that require two or more crops with different minimum growing times.

Profit3 hr4 hr5 hr6 hr8 hr10 hr12 hr14 hr16 hr18 hr20 hr22 hr24 hr
Carrots -
Angora Sweater
Wheat -
Wool Sweater
Clover -
Raspberries -
Raspberry Jam
Blackberries -
Blackberry Jam
grapes -
Grape Jam
blueberries -
Blueberry Jam
tomatoes -

Table shows that you should never plant grapes once you have a Weaver: planting carrots instead will always produce more profit even if they wait to be harvested when the grapes could have been.

Wheat shows up very well, being the most profitable product for any growing time of 12 hours or longer; if you are thinking of planting carrots but not certain to harvest them within 8 hr 30 min you may be better to plant wheat if you will be able to harvest it when it's ready.

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