Trees can be a useful part of any CountryLife farm.

To harvest or move a tree, click the base of its trunk.

However, their profitability depends on what else you have and how much time you spend at the game. For example, an Apple Tree can give you a profit of 15 every 16 hours (12 hours if you have a Greenhouse or each time you buy some rain), if you are around to harvest it then, but if the same patch were used for clover and harvested as often as possible in that period you would gain 15 or more if you sold the clover but $30 or more if you fed it to your Holstein Cow and sold the milk and even more if you made it into cheese or used it in bread.

Once you have a Jam'r, three types of tree can have their fruit turned into jame for more profit if you can be bothered pollinating clover for honey.

Unless you have no neighbors, don't buy a tree: wait to get it as a gift.

Country life involves trees. The following trees appear in the online game CountryLife:

  • Apple Tree: costs 415 coins at level [?]; fruiting in 16 hours for 15 coins
  • Cherry Tree: costs 625 coins at level 9; fruiting in 18 hours for 20 coins
  • Orange Tree: costs 850 coins at level 17; fruiting in 20 hours for 28 coins
  • Banana Tree: costs 975 coins at level 21; fruiting in 22 hours for 35 coins

(Pages for individual trees have more detail.)

If you are gifted a tree, selling it is generally a very bad idea (at least near the beginning of the game) because you get far less than the price of a new one, whereas planting it will produce revenue for ever without replanting costs. Because you can easily persuade a neighbor to gift you a free tree, avoid buying them unless desperate or friendless.

A tree needs one-quarter as much space as a crop unit. However, trees now (since a change in the game rules) refuse to be planted very close to other trees. Study an excellent tutorial to see how to get fairly profitable land use involving trees. The maximum efficiency (with nearly every tree using the absolute minimum space) is shown at; it has fields in a sort of spiral, four touching each tree.

To harvest a tree, click near its base. Your barn will report that you have "1" fruit (with a picture showing either one or more, depending on the fruit), and the tree will be labelled "0% Grown".

You may sell the fruit, but eventually you will buy a Jam'r and be able to earn more coins (and XP) very quickly turning the fruit into jam for sale.

Trees can be moved, without risking partly-grown fruit, using the "Move Tool" as for other items, clicking at the base of the tree.

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