Cranberry Production GmbH is a German video game developer, located in Hanover. It is a subsidiary of dtp entertainment, an independent video games publisher based in Hamburg.

4HEAD Studios

Cranberry Production is a continuation of 4HEAD Studios, a Hanover-based game development company founded in 1997 by Lars Martensen and Tobias Severin. 4HEAD is perhaps best known for a successful series of medieval-life simulation games known as The Guild: see Europa 1400: The Guild and The Guild 2.

Notable games developed by 4HEAD include:

Year  Game
2002 Europa 1400: The Guild
2003 Die Gilde: Gaukler, Gruften & Geschütze   (expansion for The Guild)
2003 Big Biz Tycoon 2
2005 Mall of America Tycoon
2005 The Guild (Gold Edition)
2006 The Guild II
2007 The Guild II: Pirates of The European Seas   (expansion for The Guild II)
2008 The Guild II: Venice   (expansion for The Guild II was developed by Trine Games)
2010 The Guild II Renaissance   (Stand-alone Expansion for The Guild II)

Cranberry Production

In 2007, dtp entertainment bought 4HEAD Studios and changed it into Cranberry Production.[1] The new company's first release was Mata Hari.


  1. Press Release announcing Crazy School Games, dtp entertainment AG, 27 February 2009

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