Cricket 2005 is a video game based around the sport of cricket. Developed by HB Studios and released by EA Sports, it was released in July 2005 on Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Windows.

The game was released in three different region-based covers. Adam Gilchrist appeared on the Australian cover, Daniel Vettori on the New Zealand cover and Andrew Flintoff on the English cover. It was the last game to have all real player names.

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Game soundtrackEdit

Artist Song
Felix Laband Hopscotch
Felix Laband Run, Alive, Run
Felix Laband Thin Use For Shoes
Joshu Movement
Karminsky Experience Inc. Exploration
Solamingus Return To The Classics
Solamingus Vibey
Supertweeker Seed
Thievery Corporation All That We Perceive
Thievery Corporation From Creation


The gameplay has been criticised for being too difficult, batting even on the easiest of difficulty levels can be a struggle.

Unlike rival game Brian Lara International Cricket 2005, this game has fully licensed players, but no licensed kits. Its popularity is in decline due to other games receiving better reviews by gamers and critics alike.[1]


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