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Cricket Life 2007-08 is a Cricket-based sports game developed by Canada-based Gamebience. The game is being marketed as 'Cricket Life 1' and has been endorsed by Australian Cricketer Mike Hussey.[1]


Developed by a Canadian developer, Gamebience, Cricket Life 1 is a PC-based sports simulation game that revolves around the life of a cricket player. The game allows users to play through the life and career of an existing player (from any major country) or even create a new player. It allows the gamers to control all major aspects of a career player. There are three major categories of the game control. While it allows the gamers to play the game as any other cricket game, it also has further additions such as the ability to control the personal life of a cricket player.

The career player can earn money through signing club deals, sponsorship contracts and media deals, apart from the regular income from playing cricket matches. The hard-earned money can be invested into private business and let the assets grow while the player continues to play on-field.

The ultimate goal of the game is to become the greatest cricket player - in the professional life by making records, in the personal life by becoming the richest cricketer, or by doing both.

Minimum requirements

Gamebience has released the system requirements for the game on their website. Due to the heavy game content with over 8GB of data in 2 DVDs, they have suggested system requirements of over 1.8 GHz/1GB RAM/256MB video card.


Gamebience has announced the game will be available in all major cricket playing countries through local distribution networks.

According to the official website, Cricket Life 1 has been renamed to Cricket Life 10 and its expected to be released in December 2010.

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