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Cris Drobny worked for Atari Games from April 1981 to June 1995. Drobny spent most of that time as an Engineering Technician, was promoted to Technical Associate and eventually to Engineering Technician Supervisor. At Atari Cris worked on Gauntlet, Gauntlet II, Xybots, Ramparts, Paperboy, Return of the Jedi, Spacelords, APB, I Robot, Hydra, Skull and Crossbones, Relief Pitcher, and Shuuz.

In 1995 Drobny needed a change and jumped over to Sega Enterprise USA where he worked as part developer and part Manufacturing Engineer. Cris was with Sega until 2005 when Sammy USA bought Sega and moved all operations to Chicago. Drobny worked as a technician for the game Gauntlet and a programmer for the game I, Robot

Cris then went to work for Ultracade Technologies where he developed both coin-op and consumer products, assisted with production issues and UL compliance.

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