Cubage is a video game developed by the FV Productions, and released in November, 2008 for Xbox360.


Cubage is a digital version of the wildly popular Rubik's Cube.


The game consists entirely of a 3x3x3 sectioned Cube in which each row and column can be rotated. At the beginning of the game, the cube is randomly rotated based on the player chosen difficulty, and the player must rotate sections to return the cube to its original state.


Cubage has been fairly well received in most reviews. When the XNA Community Games service first launched, GamerBytes claimed it was exactly what it tried to be[1]. It was called solid and good looking by XNPlay[2].
However the game has received some bad press. Most notably is the question of why a user would buy a digital version instead of a material Rubik's Cube[3], but also for clunky controls and a lackluster interface[4].


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