Story, Programming, Graphics & Sound Effects

Lee Blum

English Proofreading

Kevin Anderson

Original Music

Jeremy Robson

French Localization

Vincent Bertrand

Portuguese Localization

Sergio Leser

Spanish Localization

Sergio Ramirez Gabriela Contreras

Italian Localization

Caroline Havemann Davide "Gendo Ikari" Mascolo

Swedish Localization

Christer Alfredsson

Polish Localization

Michal "Joel" Zacharzewski

Traditional Chinese Localization

Zhai Yuefeng

Czech Localization

Daniel "DanQ" Reznicek

Dutch Localization

Hetty Minkjan

Turkish Localization

Metin Selcuk

German Localization

Ronny Otto

Hebrew Localization

Lee Blum

Russian Localization

Evgeny Bychkov

Swiss German Localization

Gianni "M." Burgener

Finnish Localization

Santtu Hietamaki

Simplified Chinese Localization

Joseph Gao

Greek Localization

Jacaranda Bill

Romanian Localization

Alexandra Zota

Hungarian Localization

Várkonyi Tibor

Beta Testers

  • Rob Mackenzie
  • Roger Martin
  • Andy Howard, Jing Zhao
  • Marvin G. Wise Jr.
  • Audrey Beck
  • Casey King
  • Peter Holvenstot
  • Patrick Muesken
  • Andrew Lenahan
  • Thomas Zeller
  • Jon Hansson
  • Peter Douthwright
  • Ryunosuke Berglund
  • Jack Johansen
  • Viorel Gruia.

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