This is the journal of a cult member. It details the search for the Words of Power.


"All glory to the coming Queen of the Old Ones. Today I had to deal with a traitor in our midst. Jerica was walking beside me as I discussed the possibility of another foray into that cursed dungeon. She was behaving strangely, quiet and introspective. Suddenly she asked me if I thought what we were doing was right. I asked her what she meant and she hesitantly replied that she was wondering if we should actually be serving the Old Ones.

The Doldwood knew blood that day. I had her stripped and tied between two of the trees. I whipped her myself until the flesh hung from her back in strips. As I whipped her, she begged for forgiveness for her doubt. I was going to let her live, but then she cried out to Ilmater, for release.

As she muttered her prayer, I cut out her beating heart and burnt it as a sacrifice to the Old Ones.

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