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These blades are occasionally brought to civilization by adventurers, along with tales of ruined temples and the gods of old. Likely this weapon fell under the domain of a sun- or star-worshipping sect, and while possibly far-reaching in their day, no official record detailing their practices has survived.

Facts about "Cutting Star"RDF feed
Base Critical Threat18-20/x2 +
Base Damage1d4 +
Base Damage TypeSlashing +
DisplayNameCutting Star +
ElementKukri +
FeatWeapon Proficiency (exotic) +
GamesNeverwinter Nights +
NameCutting Star +
NamePageCutting Star +
NamesCutting Star +
PageNameCutting Star +
PageTypeElement +
Weapon SizeTiny +
Weight3.0 +

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