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Long before we had Tiger Woods on the cover of EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 pointing at us menacingly, we had Tigerwoods on the cover of EA's Cybertiger, with a stupid cartoony grin on his face, forest, and volcano.

The golfing in the game is action based and comparable to Hot Shots Golf or Mario Golf. It's unrealistic in an arcade manner, but also tries to focus more on fun. You can select different characters, including the popular Mr. Woods, or create your own in the Player Editor. Swings are done by manipulating the analog stick, but the game can be affected by power-ups, skills, and trick shots. For the gamer with friends, there is a two player battle mode where players rapidly hit golf balls at each other to destroy the platform the other is standing on.

CyberTiger is available on the PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color.

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