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Cavern Wildlife

The D'ni live deep in an underground cavern with very little in the way of wildlife. There is, however, a plankton which lives in their underground lake, which provides them with the majority of their light. This light-emitting organism provides light for half of their day, and is dormant for the other half, thus providing a simulation of night and day. Small references are made to salamanders and other species in the Cavern. In Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, explorers can see a large aquatic creature swimming in the Cavern's lake, and fireflies circling various lanterns in the neighborhood areas.

Wildlife in other Ages

Many of the D'ni's ages display lush wildlife, and a number of creatures and plants are seen in the computer games. Some ages, such as Eder Kemo in Uru, Haven in Myst IV: Revelation and Edanna in Myst III: Exile have huge amounts of wildlife.

Wildlife in Games

  • Myst and realMyst
    • Myst Island
      • Tiny butterflies – Two small butterflies can be found in the woods.
      • Birds - Gull-like birds are flying about.
    • Stoneship
      • realMyst only: Fish - A number of different fishes, such as eels, rays and globefishes.
      • realMyst only: Jellyfish - A green, translucent jellyfish.
      • realMyst only: Sea turtle - A brownish, camouflaged tortoise.
    • Channelwood
      • realMyst only: Frog - A small brown frog.
    • Selenitic
      • realMyst only: Bat - A bat that lives in caves.
    • Mechanical
      • No known wildlife.
    • K'veer
      • Myst V: End of Ages only: Bats - Black bats fly around near the cavern ceiling.
    • realMyst only: Rime
      • Whale - A large, slow moving whale-like animal.
      • Wolf-like howlings are heard by distant unseen animals.
  • Riven
    • Riven
      • Ytram - An orange and black colored frog used for poison darts.
      • Wahrk - A large blue whale-like predator found in the ocean surrounding Riven.
      • Sunner - "...a cross between a baleen whale, a platypus, and a penguin", these are large blue aquatic creatures that are hunted by the Rivenese for food.
      • Webber - A small, brown fish.
      • Birds - A number of different, nameless birds can be seen and heard.
      • Golden Beetle - A small, yellow colored insect. Provides ink necessary for creating ages.
      • Other insects - There are a number of insects that can be seen and heard, but not examined closer.
      • There are a large number of animals that are depicted in Rivenese pictograms. None of these appear in the game.
    • Tay
      • Birds - Unnamed, black, crane-like birds roam the sky.
    • The 233rd Age
      • No known wildlife, although Gehn does go armed when he exits his study, indicating that there may be dangerous creatures somewhere.
  • Myst III: Exile
    • Tomahna
      • Bird of prey - Can be seen in the sky.
    • J'nanin
      • Squee - A small, furry, rodent like creature that eats Barnacle Moss found in Edanna and J'nanin, but native only to Edanna. Their chirps cause Barnacle moss to swell up like a balloon.
      • Fly - A small insect that can be found in the main tusk.
    • Edanna
      • Squee - Same as the J'nanin squee.
      • Redbreasted Grossamery - An orange Edanna bird with a wingspan of 6 to 7 feet. They feed on Nemel Lotuses.
      • Papilion Moth - A brown moth that lives in the swamp level of Edanna.
      • Electra Ray - A fish that lives in quaffler figs, and can produce a small electric shock. It resembles a cross between a cuttlefish and a ray.
      • Seabirds Can Be Seen
    • Voltaic
      • No known wildlife.
    • Amateria
      • No known wildlife.
    • Narayan
      • No known wildlife.
  • Myst IV: Revelation
    • Tomahna
      • Bird - An unknown type of bird is found in Tomahna.
      • Insects - A few different types of insects, such as dragonfly and a glowing insect.
      • Gecko - A large gecko is found throughout the age.
    • Haven
      • Bugs - Two species of unnamed bugs fly around Haven: a blue dragonfly and a sort of bee
      • Camoudile - A tan coloured carnivore that lives in the Haven grasslands. They are reptilian in appearance, but have a dog-like shape.
      • Cerpatee - A gargantuan sea monster that inhabits the Haven ocean. Presumed extinct, unless they exist elsewhere in the age.
      • Crab - An unnamed red crab lives near the shipwreck
      • Dan'ni - An frog with eyes on stalks far above its head. (Named after a MYST fan)
      • Karnak - A brown colored, bird-like creature that lives in the Haven shipwreck and lake. It is a piscivore and scavenger. They have eyes situated on stalks like a hammerhead shark.
      • Mangree - A very intelligent monkey-like creature that lives in the Haven rainforest.
      • Ornithophidian - A snake-like creature that will hold on tightly to something, and be immobile, unless stroked correctly. It then unfurls webbed wings and flies off. Used as a natural security lock.
      • Zeftyr - A mammalian herbivore that lives in the Haven swamp. They are fast, but rather stupid.
      • Various Species of Fish
    • Spire
      • No known wildlife.
    • Serenia
      • Ornithophidian - A snake-like creature that will hold on tightly to something, and be immobile, unless stroked correctly. It is important to note that the Ornithophidian is most likely not native to Serenia and was probably imported by Achenar from Haven.
      • Serenian Butterflies - Translucent butterflies that fly around Serenia. They reach wingspans of four feet.
  • Uru: Ages Beyond Myst
    • Relto
      • No known native animals, though butterflies and birds can be brought into the Age through a Relto page, and fireflies will sometimes follow from Eder Kemo
    • Gahreesen
      • Various Large Creatures - Not seen, but by calls and reports from DRC explorers, they are "like something out of a horror film." Presumed carnivorous.
      • Ink Beetles- Beetles that once existed in the complex and devoured any linking books brought in. They no longer seem to be in the area.
    • Kadish Tolesa
      • Frogs - Various frogs can be heard in many areas and are thought to either exist in the trees, or deep below the Age's solid, tree-dominated, area.
      • Butterflies - Butterflies can be found in a future instance of Kadish Tolesa.
      • Fireflies
      • Unknown Birds Are Heard
    • Eder Gira
      • Hawk - unknown hawk-like bird
      • "Gira Ray" - small ray which glows at night
    • Eder Kemo
      • Kemo - small multi-colored fish which gave the Age its name. Resembles a carp.
      • Keanulint - A large, spider-like creature which hangs by its tail from the cliffs in Eder Kemo, apparently eating the moss that grows there. Named by an explorer.
      • Fireflies - Fireflies native to Eder Kemo. They will gather around you if you walk slowly. Extremely sensitive to water.
    • Teledahn
      • Buggaro - Strange insect-like birds. Its name means "big bug." Named by Douglas Sharper.
      • Shroomies - Giant aquatic creatures. Seem to be a cross between a whale and a spiny lobster. Large claws on the two front legs help it eat its food, mushrooms and flappers. They are easily spooked by loud noises.
      • Flappers - These flat, circular creatures eat the spores of the mushrooms in Teledahn.
      • Mushrooms - There are many giant species of mushrooms in Teledahn, and photos taken from before the Fall show that there were many many more back then. Their disappearance was caused by industrial destruction of the Age and from Shroomies.
    • Ahnonay
      • Quabs - Small crabs that frighten easily.
    • Er'cana
      • No known wildlife, but has two plant species.
    • Cleft
      • Zone-Tailed Hawk - bird of prey native to the Cleft in New Mexico
    • Ae'Gura
      • Algae - a red bioluminescent algae which used to light up the cavern, but has since died off slightly. Not native to the cavern.
      • Senomar - Unknown animal native to the cavern lake
      • Tredfish - Unknown fish native to the cavern lake
      • "Cavern Shark" - Unknown fish which patrols by the neighborhoods (It is possible that this is a tredfish or senomar, no details have been found on any of these animals.)
  • Myst V: End of Ages
    • Direbo
      • Fireflies - Nondescript fireflies roam Direbo.
    • Todelmer
      • Fireflies
    • Noloben
      • Bahro
      • Snakes - Protect the entrance to Esher's laboratory in Noloben. The Bahro fear the snakes' poisonous and paralytic venom.
      • Various sea birds - Various birds can be spotted in Noloben's skies.
    • Laki'ahn
      • Laki - An aquatic creature that was captured and killed in an arena. Now nearly extinct. Only four are positively to exist, but more are probably out in the oceans, as their haunting calls echo over the water.
      • "Pirahna" birds - Small birds of prey that roam Laki'ahn. They are apparently scavengers, as the clean-picked Laki skeletons attest.
    • Tahgira
      • Bacteria - Small heat-seeking bacteria create pathways that can be walked across.
    • Negilahn
      • Urwin- Flightless Bird
      • Panuhdoy- A species of monkey.
      • Kiri- A species of insect that Urwins eat.
      • Reepah- Rarely seen gorilla like predator.
      • Tarpin Shal - Negilahn's most famous animal. Believed to be a predator. (Unseen)
      • Pumi - Pack-hunting animals.(Unseen)
      • Gahtsai - A larger version of Kiri (?) (Unseen)
      • Nerim - Slow-moving, beautiful animals. (Unseen)
    • Payiferen
      • Sandscrit- A flightless bird, similar to the Urwin.
    • Dereno
      • Various Species of Fish
      • Arctic Coral
      • Dereno Kamkenta- A bizarre ray like invertebrate.
      • Globe Sponge
    • Tetsonat
      • None visible, but sounds produced from buttons indicate that there may be aquatic creatures in the age.
    • Minkata**
      • No known wildlife, though the bones of an unknown animal are present.
    • Eder Tsogal
      • Insects can be heard, has many plant species.
    • Eder Delin
      • Winter Goose- Heard but not seen when the age is covered in snow.
      • Winter Crow- Heard but not seen when the age is covered in snow.
      • Various frogs, birds and crickets are heard during the autumnal season.
    • Jalak
      • No known wildlife.

Unseen Wildlife

There are a number of creatures that have been confirmed to exist, but have not yet been seen in any game.

    • Kahlo
      • Kamkenta - flying ray-like animals that live in hives. They were at one time ridden for entertainment. Named by an explorer, it's a mistranslation of "What is it?"
    • Aurack
      • Unknown carnivorous animals.
      • Bloodsucking insects.
    • Age 37
      • Birdrat- A bizarre flying mammal, possibly exists because of a mistake in the ages writing.
      • Oilfish- Fish native to the age.
    • Torus Age
      • Floaters- Bizarre floating creatures that can change their shape easily.
    • Ader Jamat
      • Reekooh- A furry, rodent-like mammal.

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