DJ Max Trilogy (Korean: 디제이맥스 트릴로지; abbreviation: DM TR) is a rhythm action game with 5 difficulty modes ranging from limited 4-key gameplay to a challenging 8-key setup. As notes are played with perfect rhythmic accuracy, a "fever gauge" will be charged. When it is fully charged, "Fever" can be activated. "Fever" acts as a multiplier to score and it varies between x2 and x5 depending on the combo count of each note.

Also this game needs a high-secured USB profile key, which includes in the package of Djmax Trilogy, to run the game. It also needs to save profiles of player, the profiles of whole game saves in the USB profile key. It has a high security, so it is almost impossible to run DJMAX Trilogy by cracking or copying a USB profile key.


  • Songs from previous DJ Max games: DJ Max Trilogy includes most songs from all previous DJMAX games, along with Trilogy Exclusive songs (like Memory of Wind, and Streetlight), in a combined total of 127 songs.
  • Almost all BGAs are in the animation motion style of DJ Max Portable 1 and 2 and are completely different from DJ Max Technika, Clazziquai Edition, and Black Square (the BGA for Stop in Trilogy uses a BGA with characters from the Starfish BGA instead of a boy attacking robots like in Technika and Black Square).
  • Massive content: 1000 note patterns, 900 unlockables, various missions, 120 strictly picked out songs from previous installations along with new additions.
  • Network Play: Play online with players from around the world.
  • Active Live Sound option allows crowd, comments and reverb voice during game play.
  • Special Saving method: To play this game, you have to put USB profile key, which prevents copying of software and also keeps the player profiles.


Version 1.24 include new songs, which are:

  • Fermion
  • First Kiss
  • I Want you
  • Son of Sun
  • Sweet Shining Shooting Star

Version 1.28 include new songs, which are:

  • Remember
  • Y
  • Super Sonic

It also includes a new option, "Key Assist" which allows you to choose what the game will do if you press a wrong key instead of the right key.

  • If it is turned on, the game will correct the key pressed, but it will be much harder to activate the fever (recommended for beginners).
  • If it is turned off, the game will play an incorrect note and will consider it as a miss.

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