DANCE! Online is a downloadable massively multiplayer online music video game produced by David Perry and published by Acclaim in North America. It is a free-to-download PC title that largely resembles a combination of Audition Online and Dance Dance Revolution series. It is based on the Chinese game Super Dancer Online created by 9you[1]. Its open beta period began in March 2007.

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As of August 25th 2010 Dance! Online and all other free to play Acclaim games have been closed and no longer function.

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Control Methods Edit

Players must dance against other players with songs by pressing each of the four available directional buttons when prompted. By default, players use either the Directional Arrows or WASD keys (or a combination of both) to do this, but dance mats are also supported as an input device. There is currently no set list of compatible dance mats, although Acclaim are asking dance mat owners to supply photographs and manufacturer information so that as many dance mats as possible will be compatible with the final release.[2]

Avatar Customization Edit

Players may customize their in-game avatars with various items of clothing purchased with either game points earned through playing, or Acclaim coins bought with real money.

List of Songs Edit

Due to language and vulgarity in songs, some were removed from the game.

Controversy Edit

Due to the design limitations of Super Dancer Online, "DANCE! Online" can only offer African-American character skins via the in-game item shop. An employee from Acclaim rebutted racial allegations, "As an optional character upgrade, we must put this in the item shop for players to acquire. This is the only way to offer the African-American heads. However, it should be EASILY accessible to all, so we made it just 1 POINT in the shop (which is basically for FREE). You don’t have to spend any money to get it, just play the game and earn points. Thanks!" Along with the African-American heads, Latino heads were released as well. Currently, all new players start the game with 1000 points.[1]

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