Dangerous Waters is a naval simulator developed by Sonalysts Combat Simulations, and was released on February 22, 2005.


Dangerous Waters features many player-controllable units deployed in the armed forces of 18 different countries. Campaign mode allows a player to control forces as the United States Navy, Russian Navy, or People's Liberation Army Navy. Players can perform all station roles required to complete missions manually, or can be played in AI mode with simulated crew members manning non-command functions.

The multi-player mode allows players to occupy individual crew stations on the same vessel.[2] [3]

Controllable platforms

While many types of units are seen within the game, there are only a few that can actually be controlled by the player.[2]

Scenario scripting

Dangerous Waters allows the player to create scenarios using an included mission editor which includes a scripting language. Dangerous Waters can use and import scenario scripts from these other games: 688(I) Hunter/Killer, Sub Command, and Fleet Command.

Game release

The game was initially not sold in stores, and was only available through the website It received generally positive reviews, although the limited distribution and highly technical nature of the game meant it was unlikely to find a very large audience. In December 2005, Dangerous Waters was made available at retail stores by publisher Strategy First. In early January 2006, Valve announced it would be selling Dangerous Waters via its Steam content delivery system.[4] The preload began January 24, 2006, and was released a few weeks later, February 7. A 570 page manual can be purchased from the Strategy First website.

Dangerous Waters was published in Europe by BlackBean Games and was in UK stores on May 26 2006. It included exclusive European content on a second DVD (also available on the company's website [5]. A 90-page printed manual was included in the box (consisting of the first four sections of the 570 page manual, plus appendices), with the full manual as a PDF file.


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