Dangun Feveron (弾銃フィーバロン Dangan Fībaron?, also known as Fever SOS) is a vertical scrolling shooter game developed by Cave in 1998. The gameplay is typical of manic shooters, with numerous swarms of enemies onscreen at any given time, and bosses that shoot intimidatingly large clusters of bullets. Unique to this title, the score of the game is disco music, which is a particularly unusual choice for a shoot 'em up.


Dangun Feveron offers a wide degree of customization in gameplay. Player is prompted to select how fast they want the ship to move, choose one of three rapid-fire weapons, and one of three sustained-fire weapons. This allows the player to tailor the ship to individual needs, be it a fast-flying speeder with a widespread shot to quickly handle enemy squadrons, or a ship with lower speed to dodge bullets carefully, and concentrated firepower to destroy single foes faster.


  • TYPE-A: Concentrated shot
  • TYPE-B: 3-way shot
  • TYPE-C: wide area shot

Powerful shotEdit

  • LOCK-ON: Chases enemy.
  • BOMB: Explode upon contact.
  • ROLL: Penetrates enemy.


Main-shot (P): Increases power of main shot. Way-shot (P): Increases power of way shot. Bomb (B): Increases bomb stock by 1 (max 4). Cyborg: Increases score and enemy value. FP: Increases shot power to maximum.

Capture scoring systemEdit

Dangun Feveron features another unique gameplay mechanism, the Capture scoring system. For every enemy destroyed in a timely manner, Cyborgs (A.K.A. Disco Men) will appear. Cyborgs can be rescued by touching them with the player's ship. If left alone, cyborgs will drift slowly toward the bottom of the screen, then move back up towards the top, after which they will disappear completely. For each cyborg obtained, the value of enemies will increase by one point, so long as no cyborgs escape off the top of the screen; if this happens, the value will be reset.

Assuming no cyborgs have escaped, many enemies are worth the number of saved cyborgs plus one. For instance, destroying an ordinary enemy after saving 19 cyborgs will accordingly award 20 points. Larger enemies have a point value equal to five successive standard enemies plus 10; downing one such enemy after having captured 49 cyborgs bestows 50+51+52+53+54=260 points. Bosses are worth the value of a standard enemy multiplied by the number of cyborgs captured throughout the entire stage. If a player was awarded 99 cyborgs throughout the stage, captured every single one, and then defeated the boss, player would receive 99*100=9,900 points.

If all lives are lost and play is continued, the enemy value and rescue count are both reset.

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