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Game Series Devil May Cry series & Others
First Appearance Devil May Cry
Alias: Son of Sparda
Affiliation: To Lady and Nero
Occupation: Devil Hunter

Pool Club owner

Species: Cambion
Gender: Male
Likes: Pizza

Strawberry Sundaes

Family: Sparda(Father)

Eva (Mother) Vergil (Older Maternal Twin Brother) Nero (Nephew)

Home: Devil May Cry Shop
Power: Cambion Powers
Fighting Style: Canonical:- Trickster /Swordmaster /Gunslinger /Royal Guard /QuickSilver /DoppelGanger

Non Canonical:- Dark Slayer

Weapon(s): Canonical - Rebellion , Sword of Sparda (formerly), Yamato (formerly), Ebony & Ivory and Kalina Ann (formerly)

Non Canonical - Alastor , Ifrit , Lucifer , Gilgamesh , Cerberus , Agni & Rudra , Beowulf , Nevan , Shotgun , Spiral and Artemis

Skill(s): Marksman , Motorcyclist
Special Skill(s): Devil Trigger , Demon Magic
Creator(s): Hideki Kamiya
Voice Actor(s): Drew Coombs (Devil May Cry)
Matthew Kaminsky (Devil May Cry 2)
Reuben Langdon (Devil May Cry 3 and Devil May Cry 4)
Trademark: Jackpot!
Notes: Protagonist/Former Protagonist

" This party's getting crazy .. Let's Rock! "


Dante is the former primary protagonist of the Devil May Cry series. He was named after the Italian poet Dante Allighieri.

Physical Description

Dante is of good build and height , slight tan and has ash-white medium sized hair. His assigned colour is red (half of the consitutent colors of purple (their father) - the other half being blue (Vergil)


Dante is brash , cocky and generally doesn't like being in a serious mood. He is fun loving and is shown to be affectionate. During Devil May Cry 4 , when he was in his 30s-40s he became less brash.


Dante's forefront is his pool club.

He also has a demon hunting business, having Trish as his partner if he needs her and getting tips from Lady who may also join him , Lady also helps the business financially.

Videogame Appearances

Appearances in other media

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