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Runes identify this fine weapon as having been forged by the dwarven Daraz clan some 500 years ago. Hammers of this type were created for the defense of their homes against encroaching goblins and orcs, and each was wound with mighty spells. Unfortunately, fine weapons and dwarven courage were no match for the sheer number of orc invaders. The clan was extinguished, and their weapons were scattered throughout the known world.

Facts about "Daraz Hammer"RDF feed
Base Critical Threatx2 +
Base Damage1d4 +
Base Damage TypeBludgeoning +
DisplayNameDaraz Hammer +
ElementLight Hammer +
FeatWeapon Proficiency (martial) +
GamesNeverwinter Nights +
NameDaraz Hammer +
NamePageDaraz Hammer +
NamesDaraz Hammer +
PageNameDaraz Hammer +
PageTypeElement +
Weapon SizeSmall +
Weight2.0 +

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