Dark Fall II: Lights Out (also known simply as Lights Out or Dark Fall 2) is a sequel to the game Dark Fall. A third Dark Fall game, Lost Souls, was released in late 2009.
In 2009 Darkling Room published the Directors Cut version of the game. It includes new scenes, ghosts and puzzles.[1]


The game follows the same point-and-click style as the previous game.


It is 1912, the shores of Trewarthan, England are dangerous and have cost many ships and lives. Benjamin Parker, a cartographer has been sent to map the area in order to allow a safer passage. He notices that there is a lighthouse on an island out at sea. Why would he be sent here if an operational lighthouse is already here? Benjamin soon learns from his employer that something is happening at the lighthouse and the keepers may be in danger.

As the game unfolds, you discover a sinister enemy has been behind the disappearances of many people at Fetch Rock. Throughout the game you traverse through four different time periods as you try to stop whatever evil is under the Fetch Rock lighthouse from claiming any more lives.


The game was influenced heavily by The Ballad of Flannan Isle by Wilfrid Gibson. Other influences include the television series Doctor Who serial Horror of Fang Rock, Moon Dial by Helen Cresswell and A Warning to the Curious by M.R. James.


There are very few differences between Dark Fall II and the original, and the same strengths and weaknesses.[2]


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