Darkstalkers 3

Selecting Oboro Bishamon

On the character select screen, highlight Bishamon, hold select and press punch or kick button.

Selecting Dark Talbain

On the character select screen, highlight Jon Talbain and hold select, then press any two punch or any two kick buttons simultaneously.

Selecting Shadow

On the character select screen, highlight the random character select icon or the "?", press start 5 times and then any punch or kick button.

Fight Oboro Bishamon

To fight Oboro Bishamon, you must meet certain requirements. The player must not have "auto mode" selected. The player cannot lose a single round and defeat at least two opponents with a specific EX move. Oboro Bishamon will appear after the characters boss battle and wining against him will award the player with a special ending featuring Anita and the various characters. The same ending is available for purchase in the vault.

EX move list

Character EX Move
Anakaris Pharaoh Salvation or Pharaoh Decoration
B.B.Hood Beautiful Memory
Bishamon Soul Torment
Demitri Maximoff Midnight Pleasure
Felicia Please Help Me
Hsien-Ko Chinese Bomb
Jon Talbain/Dark Talbain Razor Slice
Jedah Dohma Prova=Déi=Cervo
Lilith Gloomy Puppet Show
Lord Raptor Hell Dunk
Morrigan Aensland Darkness Illusion
Q-Bee plus B
Rikuo Aqua Spread
Sasquatch Big Sledge
Victor von Gerdenheim Gerdenheim 3

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