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David Beckham Soccer is a football sports video game for PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and Xbox, Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color developed and published by Rage Software Limited. The Game Boy Advance and Color versions though were developed bu Yoyo Entertainment.


  • Soccer simulation.
  • Train with Beckham Mode.
  • 200 international and domestic teams.
  • Detailed recreation of Beckham's specialty, penalty kicks.
  • Play as David Beckham.


IGN gave the Game Boy Advance version of the game a terrible rating with just 2.2 out of 10 overall criticising the gameplay stating "The Artificial intelligence (AI) provides no challenge, the controls provide no depth, and the gameplay provides no fun" and the sound by saying it was "eerily silent".[1]


  1. IGN Reviews David Beckham Soccer (GBA version)

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