Dead or Alive: Dimensions (DOAD) is a fighting game developed by Team Ninja and released by Tecmo Koei (and in some regions by Nintendo[5]) for the Nintendo 3DS in 2011. It is the 15th game in the Dead or Alive series and the first to be released on a Nintendo system.

Dimensions has 26 playable characters, more than any previous installment in the franchise had to offer, and uses a modified engine of Dead or Alive 4. The story of the game is a brief version of the stories of the previous four main Dead or Alive games. It is the first game in the series to have a "Teen" rating from the ESRB since Dead or Alive 3 by toning down the content for the female characters.


Dimensions incorporates a Chronicle Mode feature, which acts as a story mode in the game. In this mode, which goes through all four Dead or Alive tournaments, the player assumes the roles of various fighters from the series.

The 3DS's touch screen is used for executing special fighting moves for his or her character, while the top screen is used for displaying the fight, in a similar fashion to Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition.[6] Dimensions also uses the 3DS' StreetPass feature to make AI representations of the player, based on their play patterns, that can challenge other owners of the game in the Throwdown mode.[7]

The other modes featured are Arcade (in which the player fights for additional time), Survival (in which the player fights until he defeats all opponents or is knocked out), Free Play, Training, Showcase (in which the player position 3D models on a stage and takes 3D photos of them) and 3D Photo Album (in which the player views the photos taken in Showcase mode).[8]

Dimensions offers a framerate of 60 frames per second with the Nintendo 3DS' 3D feature turned off. With it turned on, however, the imagery is divided by two for the players individual eyes (30 frames per second to each eye).[9]


Dimensions features a roster of up to 26 playable characters.[10] The list of characters are given below, the unlockable characters being marked with an asterisk.

Name of character First appearance
Alpha-152* Dead or Alive 4
Ayane Dead or Alive
Bass Armstrong Dead or Alive
Bayman Dead or Alive
Brad Wong Dead or Alive 3
Christie Dead or Alive 3
Ein Dead or Alive 2
Eliot Dead or Alive 4
Gen Fu Dead or Alive
Genra* Dead or Alive 3
Hayate Dead or Alive 3
Helena Douglas Dead or Alive 2
Hitomi Dead or Alive 3
Jann Lee Dead or Alive
Kasumi Dead or Alive
Kasumi Alpha* Dead or Alive 2
Kokoro Dead or Alive 4
Leifang Dead or Alive
Leon Dead or Alive 2
Lisa Hamilton Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
Raidou* Dead or Alive
Ryu Hayabusa Ninja Gaiden
Shiden* Dead or Alive: Dimensions
Tengu* Dead or Alive 2
Tina Armstrong Dead or Alive
Zack Dead or Alive

There is a stage based on Metroid: Other M (a co-production between Team Ninja and Nintendo) with Ridley appearing as a stage hazard while Samus appears at the end of the match.[11] Samus is not a playable character in the game, but only makes a cameo appearance to help the fighters.[12][13][14]


This game consists of plots of the first four main games in the Dead or Alive series.

In the prologue, set before the first game, a worried Kasumi stands near a waterfall and was confronted by her father and current leader of the Mugen Tenshin ninja clan, Shiden, who questioned her skills as he plans to make her his next heir. Later, Kasumi is confronted by her half-sister, Ayane, and ask about what happened to Hayate. Believing she won't gain anything from it, Ayane revealed that Raidou, the exiled shinobi, had returned to the village to obtain the Torn Sky Blast, a ninpo spell learned by the clan leaders. After Ayane was beaten by him when she attacked, Hayate fight Raidou off with the Torn Sky Blast, but was overpowered and fell into a coma.

After learning this, Kasumi decided to run away from the village to take revenge on Raidou for Hayate, even though it meant she would be a runaway ninja and likely to be killed by her own clan for leaving the village. When Kasumi ran to the bridge and prepares to leave she is confronted by Ayane, who was order to track her down and kill her, but was attacked when Christie appeared in a helicopter and saved Kasumi. Although Kasumi didn't know the woman, she went with Christie to safety, as the bridge collapse and leaving Ayane screaming furiously below.

While heading towards the cruise ship, Freedom Survivor, Kasumi is introduced to both Christie and Bayman and was told about the Dead or Alive World Tournament, with Raidou being there. During the head of the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee, where Fame Douglas formally introduced the tournament, Kasumi encounters Ayane, now a contestant, as both encountered Raidou with Fame. As Kasumi fought her way and managed to reach the final round, she then faced against Raidou and defeated him, however he reawakened more powerful then before. Determined to defeat him, Kasumi used her Torn Sky Blast spell against him, and with help from Ryu Hayabusa, she finally defeated Raidou. However she was kidnapped by DOATEC, which prompted Ryu to save her. That same night, Fame was assassinated by Bayman under the order of Victor Donovan, and although he was successful, Christie left him behind as she returned to DOATEC headquarters.

One night in the village, with Hayate still in a coma, Kasumi Alpha went to see him until Ayane, who thought was the real Kasumi prepares to attack, until Alpha cast an illusion spell on her as she saw a vision of the tengu, Gohyakumine Bankotsubo. Before Ayane awake, Alpha had taken Hayate and Genra appeared next to her and was told that Gohyakumine had return and must search for Ryu in Europe.

After the death of her father Fame, and her mother Maria, Helena appeared in Freedom Survivor and addressed the crowd her take-over of the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee as well as announcing the second Dead or Alive Tournament, with Helena participating as a competitor. In the crowd, Ryu was spotted by a masked woman name Lisa Hamilton, and asked him if he was taking part in the tournament too. Lisa took a call from Victor Donovan while in the shower, while Ryu hears that Kasumi is in DOATEC Germany, and left in a helicopter with Lisa's ID card.

In DOATEC's facility in Germany, were Kasumi is being held, a fire brke out and Alpha appeared to sneaked Kasumi out of her cell. In one of the labs, Alpha revealed that Hayate is in the facility also, which Kasumi demands to know where he is. As the facility burned down, Ryu saves Kasumi and took her to safety, while Lisa and Alpha made their escape with Hayate, and placed him in one of the helicopters, which was hit and crashed. In the forest, Ryu and his friend, Irene Lew, studied the data they've obtain from the facility, containing data of recoded genes to boost the human body's physical power, and was surprise as Hayate's name was on it as his body was resurrected during the experiments, which Kasumi ran off to find him, despite Ryu's words and sent Ayane after her. In another part of the forest, Hitomi was training when Hayate, having gotten away from the helicopter alive, stumbles into her and collapses, mistaking Hitomi for Kasumi as she ran to get help.

As he battled through the tournament, Ryu encountered Hayate, who goes by the name of "Ein", and suffered from amnesia. After they fight, Ein gained a memory of the tengu, and remembered Ryu's name. Later, Ryu tracked down Gohyakumine Bankotsubo and killed him. Later, Ein arrived at Miyama and tries to remember why he knew the place, until Kasumi appeared and happy to see him again, however due to his amnesia, Ein didn't recognize her until Ryu appeared and tells him that they must fight for Ein to remember as Hayate. After defeating Kasumi in battle and knocking her out, Hayate regained his memories, but Genra has appeared and revealed that he allowed Gohyakumine to pass into the human world and escaped, and left a brainwashed Ayane and Kasumi Alpha to fight Ryu and Hayate, they defeat. Ryu, along with Irene, explain to Hayate that Genra may have been involved with DOATEC, and although Ayane returned to normal, both Kasumi and Alpha had disappeared.

During the third tournament, Helena hired Bayman to protect her and kill Donovan. When Christie, posing as Helena's assistant, tried to kill her until Bayman caught and restrained her, however Alpha over-heard that Helena wanted Donovan and attacked her, though Helena managed to defeat her.

With Genra turned traitor, Hayate requested to his father that he would hunt him down, making Shiden believe Hayate ready to take over as the leader of the clan, Hayate however wanted to bring Kasumi home first, but Ayane spoke against it and calling Kasumi a traitor, which has enraged Hayate and slapped Ayane. Thinking that Hayate now hated her, Ayane tried committing suicide, but was found by her mother, Ayame. Ayane was upset believing Hayate only cared about Kasumi, which Ayame reminded her that all four of them are family and asked Ayane to save Kasumi.

Hayate and Ayane join the third tournament to track down Genra, and while on the Freedom Survivour, Hayate meets up Hitomi again since his departure when he was Ein. Hayate introduced Ayane to Hitomi, who assumed that Ayane was Kasumi, which angered her for being mistaken for Kasumi. After Ayane fought Hitomi, Hayate told Hitomi the truth about his Ninja identity, much to her surprise. During the rounds of the tournament, Hayate met with Helena, who recognised him as the subject of Project Epsilon. Hayate demands she tell him why Genra joined DOATEC, but claimed she didn't know and both Genra and herself were just puppets that DOATEC. After defeating Helena in battle, he told her that he would defeat Genra, and she should leave DOATEC.

Later, Hayate and Ayane met up with Ryu and Irene, and the two men fought in combat. The fight however was interrupted by Ayane as Irene was kidnapped by Chrisite. Ryu ran off to save Irene, but Hayate and Ayane was confronted by Genra, as he made a portal of Hellfire for them to fight in, and he transformed into his Omega form. When Ryu realised that Christie was just a decoy, he returned to aid them, and ran Genra through with his Dragon Sword, giving time for Ayane and Hayate performed a duel-spell and struck Genra before he could regenerate, killing him in the process. When they returned to the village, Ayane watch Genra's body cremated as she walked away in tears.

After Helena became head leader of DOATEC, Donovan discussed with her about the biological weapon cloning project, Project Alpha. With the fourth tournament on the way, Hayate and the clan are planning an attack on DOATEC's main headquarters, the TriTower. Fearing the worst, Kasumi found her brother and tried to convince him not to start a war, but the plea fell on deaf ears and Kasumi was confronted by Ayane.

One night, Hayate, Ayane, and Ryu attacked the TriTower with Irene and the CIA aiding them. Kasumi then infiltrate the TriTower and confronts Helena and pleaded with her to stop, but Helena replied that the ninjas would stop at nothing to destroy DOATEC, and the final product of Project Alpha, Alpha-152. Helena tried to shoot Kasumi, but was saved by Ryu, and defeated Helena. While Kasumi made her way to fight an awakened Alpha-152, Hayate and Ayane sed a ninpo spell to destroy the TriTower, only to have to face Alpha-152 themselves. With the TriTower in flames, Helena faced Christie one last time, and learnt that it was actually her who killed Maira. After finding out the truth, Helena set the building's self-destruct button, and planned to end her life, with Kasumi and Ayane watching from afar. However, she was saved by Zack, who swooped in by helicopter and pulled her to safety. The final scene shows Donovan taking off his white mask, and putting on Genra's mask.


Dead or Alive: Dimensions was first revealed as an official title on June 15, 2010 at E3 under the working title Dead or Alive 3D.[15] It was shown with several screenshots, featuring Kasumi, Ayane, and Hayate battling Raidou, with Ryu Hayabusa hidden in shadow.[15] DOAD was scheduled for release at the Nintendo 3DS launch, but due to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011, the release was pushed back by two months. It was released on May 19 in Japan, May 20 in Europe, May 24 in North America, and May 26 in Australia.

Dimensions is the fourth Dead or Alive game to feature English voice overs.[16] However, due to unknown reasons, most of the Japanese voices have been recast.


 Reviews for Dead or Alive: Dimensions
Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 82.02%[17]
Metacritic 79/100[18]
Review scores
Publication Score
Electronic Gaming Monthly 7.5/10[19]
Famitsu 36/40[20][21]
IGN 8.0[22]
Nintendo Power 9.0/10[23]
Official Nintendo Magazine 90%[citation needed] 7/10[24]

Dead or Alive: Dimensions had consistently favourable reviews. It currently holds an aggregated score of 82.02% on GameRankings[17] and 79/100 on Metacritic.[18]

Nintendo Power gave the game a 9/10 rating, saying that the cutscenes were 'well-produced' and 'top-notch', also praising the 'fast and furious as ever' gameplay, but warned against the 3D effect, as well as having problems with the Tag Mode feature.[23]

The Official Nintendo Magazine stated that it was overall a very good game, and a great alternative to Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, even earning their Game of the Month label.[citation needed]

GameZone gave the game a 9 out of 10, stating "Loads of modes, plenty of unlockable extra goodies, and a very functional multiplayer make Dimensions a series that not only fans must buy, but any gamer with even the slightest itch for a quality portable fighting game. If you’ve been waiting for the next must-buy 3DS title, this is it, folks."[25] gave the game a 7/10, but said that "the Street Pass feature is nice and the controls work well, but the framerate suffers online, and the Chronicle Mode is a narrative mess."[24]


Due to Swedish controversy, Dead or Alive: Dimensions is not being sold in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.[26] The concerns were raised when an internet forum user commented that three underage characters in the game could be viewed from angles that could be considered lascivious.[27]

Concerns in relation to the game also rose in Australia, when certain media outlets criticized the PG rating for the game.[28] After careful consideration, the Australian Classification Board came to the conclusion that it was not given sufficient information at the time to give it a correct classification. The game's PG rating was subsequently revoked. Nintendo has then resubmitted the game with a more detailed analysis of the game's content. The game was subsequently given the next rating after PG, the M rating, which allows any age to still purchase the game, but is recommended for more mature audiences.[4][29][30]


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