Deep Sea Tycoon, often confused with Atlantis Underwater Tycoon, is a 2003 video game developed by Anarchy Enterprises and published by Unique Entertainment. This game involves you building an underwater city in 3D. It has a sequel, Deep Sea Tycoon 2, developed by Pixel after Pixel.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay of Deep Sea Tycoon involves choosing one of 24 different characters and creating an underwater city filled with different buildings and features, from Mermaid Palaces to Seafood Restaurants. Through the character they choose and the choices they make in their city, the player can become a ruthless oil-tycoon, or something similar, or an environmentalist.

The gameplay is similar to Moon Tycoon. The player creates buildings on a flat piece of land, that must be connected to other buildings by a "tunnel". The only major differences is the scenario, and the types of buildings each game uses.

Reception Edit

Deep Sea Tycoon has not been reviewed by game review sites such as Gamespot, despite having been released in the UK in January 2004 and November 2003 in other areas. The User Score on Gamespot rates the game at 7.5 (current values, they may change over time). "Deep Sea Tycoon 2" has been reviewed by X-Play, being given a 1 out of 5. Being noted for being boring by having "ridiculously easy challenges" and simple challenges of only having to "click my mouse button twice". As a final note in their review, Adam Sessler noted that "Game Tycoon" was more entertaining than "Deep Sea Tycoon 2".

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