After vanquishing the hunters that ran over his girlfriend in Deer Avenger 2, Bambo decides to relax with his beloved girlfriend, but the hunters are back and if Bambo expects to get any rest he has to kill them once again!

What you do: Pick a weapon and a hunting area and then click on the hunt door and go hunt.


Instead of getting a wide choice of weapons, you only start out with one! But don't worry, after you kill a hunter, you get their weapon and the next time you hunt you will have your starting weapon and their weapon! Here are the hunters and what weapons they have:

  • Rifle: Starting weapon
  • Sniper Rifle: Tad
  • Compound Bow: Earl
  • Double Barreled Shotgun: Emma Sue
  • Revolver: Boozer
  • Single Barreled Shotgun: Bubba
  • M-16: Zeke
  • MP5: Snake
  • Bazooka: Hidden Weapon(Kill all 7 hunters once in 2/4 hunting areas)

Farts and other stuff Tacking fart:tracks the hunters location Magnet fart:brings the hunters to you Bomb fart:does damage to the hunters

The Bag:Has a bunch of items to lure hunters to your location

Calls:use this to bring the hunters out

Hunting areas

There are four hunting areas in Deer Avenger 3D,

  • Minnesota: Winter
  • Connecticut: Spring
  • Georgia: Summer
  • Indiana: Fall

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