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Cheat Codes

Note: some of these cheats reduce your shield and energy to 1%.

  • pigfarmer: John background
  • gabbagabbahey: shield and energy at 1%
  • Spaniard: 1st use: kills all robots in the level, 2nd use: kills boss robot or guide bot, 3rd use: kills guide bot
  • alifalafel: accessories
  • superhires: adds 1024x768 and 1280x1024 to the screen resolutions menu
  • currygoat, oralgroove, algroove: all keys
  • honestbob, motherlode: all weapons
  • duddaboo, ericaane: bouncing gun shots
  • frametime: display FPS
  • helpvishnu: extra guide bot
  • gogorobot: five guide bots
  • joshuaakira, rockrgrl: full map
  • delshiftb, fopkjewa, ahwlmbpf: get all powerups in level, blow reactor, and warp to exit
  • gowingnuts: guide bot fires missiles
  • eatangelos, lpnlizard: homing weapons
  • zingermans, almighty: invulnerability
  • godzilla: robots are killed when touched by you
  • bittersweet: fish-eye view
  • imagespace: stops robots
  • whammazoom, freespace: warp to any level
  • silkwing: robots fight each other
  • blueorb: shields at 27%
  • wildfire: rapid fire

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