Desert Combat (DC) is a mod for the first-person shooter (FPS) computer game Battlefield 1942, created by Frank Delise, Brian Holinka and Tim Brophy. DC features many new weapons and new Conquest and Capture the flag Maps. DC is set in Iraq during the first Gulf War. It acquired popularity since the 2003 invasion of Iraq by Coalition forces and has been featured on many media websites.[1][2]

Trauma Studios

On September 1, 2004, Digital Illusions CE (DICE) bought Trauma Studios, the developers of the Desert Combat Battlefield 1942 Modification to help work on Battlefield 2.

Shortly before the release of Battlefield 2, DICE announced that the company has "decided to discontinue the New York office, Trauma Studios." DICE will no longer pay $200,000 in outstanding funds from the original deal.[3]


Notable modifications

There have also been secondary mods for Desert Combat, such as Desert Combat Extended, Desert Combat Realism, and Desert Combat Final, which modify gameplay and add new content such as additional armies and features. When Trauma Studios was purchased by DICE, some of the Desert Combat team chose not to join DICE and continued on to make Desert Combat Final, an update to Desert Combat. It was released on October 16, 2004 though it was not an official release by Trauma Studios or by the Desert Combat team.[4]


  • FilePlanet's Best New Mod of 2004 for Desert Combat Final[4]
  • FilePlanet's Best Mod of 2003[5]
  • GameSpy's 2003 PC Modification of the Year[6]
  • FilePlanet's Best New Mod for 2002[7]

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