Producer and Project Director

Lead Programmer and Assistant Director


Lead Designer



Additional Dialogue

In-game Text and Intro/Endgame Cinematics

  • Chris Todd

Lead Artist

  • Jay Lee


  • Clay Hoffman
  • Russell Hughes
  • Rob Kovach
  • Nghia Lam
  • Terry Manderfield
  • Hugh Suh


  • Peter Marquardt
  • Stan Nuevo
  • Will Nevins
  • Darren Walsh


  • Alexander Brandon of Straylight Productions

New York, Hong Kong and Paris Club Songs

  • Reeves Gabriels

QA Leads

  • James Flores(Ion Storm Austin)
  • Jay Franke(Ion Storm Dallas)
  • Mike Orenich(Eidos Interactive US)
  • Tom Murton(Eidos Interactive Europe)

Assistant Lead Tester(Eidos Interactive US)

  • Carlo Delallana

QA Ion Storm

  • Marshall Andrews
  • Dane Caruthers
  • Andy Dombroski
  • Peter Hushvahtov
  • Nathan Regener
  • Wendy Regener
  • Bonnie Steele
  • Chris Waltrip

QA Eidos Interactive

  • Carlo Delallana
  • Eruch Adams
  • Daryl Bibby
  • Lawrence Day
  • Steve Didd
  • James Featherstone
  • Daniel Franklin
  • Erik Kennedy
  • Ron Lauron
  • Chris Lovenguth
  • Clayton Palma
  • Corey Fong
  • Colby McCraken
  • Ryan Natale
  • Ralph Ortiz
  • Bill Schmidt
  • Kenneth Schmidt
  • Beau Teora
  • Kjell Vistad
  • Jason Walker

Eidos Honcho

  • John Kavanaugh

Associate Producer

  • Peter Marquardt

Hardware/Net/Tech/Video Support

  • Einar Dietz
  • Chad Warren

ION Storm PR and Marketing

  • Chad Barron
  • Mike Breslin

Documentation by IMGS, Inc.

  • Chris McCubben(Writing)
  • Jennifer Spohrer(Graphic Design)

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