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(Devil May Cry 3 : Dante's Awakening) is the third installment in the original Devil May Cry Trilogy and chronologically the first installment.

It has an untested normal version which was a flop mainly because of it's impractically hard difficulty.

The special edition was a revised version which came out after two years and had a playable difficulty and more features.


Devil May Cry 3 SE is many levels beyond it's predecessors , it's difficulty is just right and players can shuffle through a variety of firearms and devils arms obtained through out the game, this is the first game where Vergil is a playable character. Players can enjoy the classic hack and slash gameplay revolutionised by the dmc trilogy.


The events of this game are of that even before DMC1 , taking place inside and out of Dante's Shop , The demonic tower temen-ni-gru and the demon world.


Dante :- The Protagonist , he ventures through the temen-ni-gru and faces all it's challenges primarily just to face his twin brother and to have a little fun while doing it ; he later changes objectives after Lady told him about Arkham's intentions.

Vergil :- Ressurects the temen-ni-gru alongside Arkham and desires Dante's Amulet so he can harness their father's power.

Arkham :- A selfmade cambion who has the same intentions as Vergil but plots for Dante, Vergil and Lady to go up against each other.

Lady :- Arkham's daughter and with the blood of a priestess due to her mother's lineage ; seeks to destroy Arkham for sacrificing her mother (Kalia Ann).

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