Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening is the third instalment in the Devil May Cry series, and is chronologically the first instalment.


The events of this game are of that even before Devil May Cry, taking place inside and out of Dante's Shop, the demonic tower Temen-ni-gru, and the Demon World.


Dante: The Protagonist, he ventures through the Temen-ni-gru and all its challenges, primarily just to face his twin brother and to have a little fun while doing it; he later changes objectives after Lady told him about Arkham's intentions.

Vergil: Resurrects the Temen-ni-gru alongside Arkham, and desires Dante's Amulet so he can harness their father's power.

Arkham: A self-made cambion who has the same intentions as Vergil but plots for Dante, Vergil and Lady to go up against each other.

Lady: Arkham's daughter and with the blood of a priestess due to her mother's lineage; she seeks to destroy Arkham for sacrificing her mother (Kalia Ann).

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