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Diddy Kong Racing is a Racing video game made for the Nintendo 64 that is very similar to Mario Kart 64, though with some adventure game elements. Not only do the various characters drive Karts, they can also use a hovercraft for water and road travel, and a small airplane.

The adventure modes elements come into play in the single player game. The player is given a hub world which connects to others that consist of tracks. After completing these tracks, there are boss fights, or boss races, that put players in a race against something that isn't the player standard Kart/Craft/Plane fare.

Otherwise, the gameplay follows the standards of the Kart racer genre. The player must pick up power-ups, hit enemies, get boosts, and race on wacky tracks.

A re-release, Diddy Kong Racing DS was released for the Nintendo DS in 2007.

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