Didi & Ditto First Grade: The Wolf King is the second title of Didi & Ditto educational software series created by Kutoka Interactive. Release in late 2005 in Canada and the United States, the game teaches first grade notions to children between 5 and 7 years old[1].


Didi & Ditto's home, Jako's Valley, is invaded by the Wolf king and his Wolf lieutenants. The player, as either Didi (girl) or Ditto (boy), sets out to win his country's freedom back by outsmarting every single one of the king's lieutenants.


The 16 educational activities contained in the game cover addition and subtraction; shapes and forms; letters, spelling, rhymes, and nouns; identifying, classifying, and sorting objects; map reading; color mixing; creating and playing music; drawing; and problem solving[1].

Critical reception

The game received positive reviews from Common Sense Media[2], Games4Girls[3], Moby Games[4], Game Vortex[5], and[6].


The game received several awards on account of its educational value, its appeal to children and the quality of its design and graphics.


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