Dimahoo, released in Japan as Great Mahou Daisakusen (グレート魔法大作戦 Gurēto Mahō Daisakusen?, "Great Magic Armageddon") is a medieval-themed shooter.

Game playEdit

The game fits well into the category of manic shooters, with extremely fast-paced action and bosses that fire incredible numbers of bullets.


  • Normal shot: Tap A button.
  • Sub shot: Tap A button when player has least 1 Magic book.
  • Elemental charge: Hold A button. When charging, fighter's attribute alternates between fire and ice, and the treasure gauge increases (up to level 8).
  • Elemental burst: When player has least 1 Magic book, hold A button until side arms are retracted, then release A button. Elemental burst empties treasure gauge.
  • Magic Bomber: Press B button. When an enemy is destroyed by bomb, player only gets 10% of normal score. In 2-player game, a player can take other player's bomb stock by moving to other player's bomb crystal tail.

Bounty hunterEdit

  • SOLO-BANG The Warrior
  • KARTE The Sorceress
  • MIYAMOTO The Dragon
  • GRIMLEN The Necromancers

Hidden units. They can be used by pressing up, up, left, down, down, right, A, B, A, B, A at title screen:

  • GAIN the Battler
  • CHITTA the Magic-user
  • BIRTHDAY the criminal
  • GOLDEN the prince


  • Magic coin (P): Increases player's normal shot level when sufficient quantity is collected.
  • Magic book: Increases player's sub shot level by 1. If the level is already full, player get 1000 points, then each successive book is worth 1000 points more than predecessor.
  • Bomb magic stone: Increases bomb gauge. When bomb gauge is full, player gains 1 bomb.
  • Bomb crystal: Increases bomb stock by 1. If player already has maximum amount of bomb, player receives score.
  • Treasure: Increases player's score.


When an enemy is destroyed by Elemental Burst, enemy drops treasure. The items are modeled after items that one might see in a medieval adventure game. The item's level depends on the level of Elemental Burst that destroys the enemy.

There are 108 unique treasure types, with 88 normal items in 11 categories with 8 levels each, and 20 secret items in 4 categories with 5 items each. If an entire set of normal items are collected (all food items for example), the game's score multiplier is increased by one level. Every time a set of treasures is collected, the game's difficulty level increases. Secret treasures can usually be found by destroying enemy bosses with high level Elemental Burst.

Elemental systemEdit

By holding A button, player's fighter alternates colors between red (fire element) and blue (ice element).

When player's fighter has different element as enemy, enemy receives twice the damage from player's attack, and the received score for destroying the enemy is multiplied by 2; otherwise enemy receives 1/2 the damage from player's attack, and the received score for destroying the enemy is divided by 2.

When player's fighter has different element as enemy projectile (including yellow), player's projectile passes through enemy's projectile, and enemy's projectile can kill player's fighter when hit; otherwise player's projectile cancels enemy's projectile, and enemy's projectile causes player's fighter to lose 1 shot level and 1 magic level when hit.


There are 6 stages in this game. Arcade board operator can choose between 1 or 2 loops stage arrangements.


Arcade board operator can turn on no damage option, which causes player to not die in the game, but player's shot and magic levels are still vulnerable.


The game's soundtrack was published by Suleputer.

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