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Dino Master is a game for the Nintendo DS system similar to Pokémon. The player takes the role of "Dave the Digger", who excavates fossils from various sites while avoiding enemies. The fossils can then be revived into living dinosaurs and pitted against each other in Battle Mode. The game has received poor reviews for errors in the touch-screen functionality and a battle system relying far too heavily on luck.  __FLAGS__

  • Includes over 100 real species of dinosaurs
  • Dig your way through over 35 different puzzle levels based all over the world
  • Reanimate your fossils and then battle them against other dinosaurs
  • Take on your friendÂ’s dinosaurs via 2-player Wireless Link
  • Master over 30 fighting techniques for the Battle Mode as you uncover fossils


ZenjiroAn elderly man who handles Various dinosaurs;

MassatoA male youth who handles Fast dinosaurs;

NobuyukiA researcher who handles Dinosaurs with strong technique;

LucyA woman who handles Dinousaurs with high HP; Garcia: A gentle giant who handles Aggressive dinosaurs.

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