The soundtrack of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- is composed by Masashi Hamauzu. Yoshihisa Hirano provides the orchestration and Koji Haishima conducts the Tokyo Philharmonic used for about half of the soundtrack. The album spans two discs and is composed of a total of 53 tracks, covering a duration of 2:14:48. The soundtrack is published by Nippon Crown Records, and contains all-authentic music, featuring no tracks from the original Final Fantasy VII. A Limited Edition soundtrack bearing a custom Cerberus box is available. Two songs in the game are composed by the J-pop singer Gackt, who plays the role of Genesis in Dirge of Cerberus.

Disc 1

  1. Flicker
  2. Calm Before the Storm
  3. Trigger Situation
  4. Prologue of "DIRGE of CERBERUS"
  5. Fragment of Memory
  6. Fearful Happening
  7. WRO March
  8. Azul the Cerulean
  9. Fight Tune "Arms of Shinra"
  10. Abhorrence Whirls
  11. Silent Edge
  12. Undulation
  13. Counteroffensive
  14. Ten Year Reunion
  15. Fight Tune "Girl Named Shelke"
  16. Fight Tune "Killing One Another"
  17. Uneasy Feelings
  18. Memories with Lucrecia
  19. Sneaky Cait Sith
  20. Darkness
  21. Lifestream
  22. Rosso the Crimson
  23. Mysterious Ninja
  24. Ninja Girl of Wutai
  25. Sudden Parting
  26. Discovery in Sadness
  27. A Proposal
  28. High-Spirited
  29. Return to the Subject
  30. Marching Tune #0

Disc 2

  1. Return to the Origin
  2. Marching Tune
  3. Fight Tune "Crimson Impact"
  4. Under a Full Moon
  5. Trespasser
  6. Transformation into Chaos
  7. Splinter of Sadness
  8. Deep Darkness of Shinra
  9. Lucrecia Crescent
  10. Forgotten Tears
  11. Fight Tune "Messenger of the Dark"
  12. Awakening
  13. Fight Tune "The Immaculate"
  14. Finally Reborn
  15. The Last SND
  16. Everyone's Help
  17. LONGING (by Gackt)
  18. Terminus
  19. Quickening
  20. Death and Rebirth
  21. Chaotic End
  22. REDEMPTION (by Gackt)
  23. Hope of the Future

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