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This skill allows the character to perform a variety of actions on a trap.

Check: There are four progressively difficult actions that a character may perform on a trap; base DC is determined by the difficulty rating of the trap, modified by the action being performed.

- Assessing a trap to determine its difficulty modified the DC by -7.
- Flagging a trap to make it visible to the rest of the party modifies the DC by -5.
- Recovering a trap raises the trap DC by +10.
- Disarming a trap has no effect on the trap DC.

Special: A rogue is only the only class capable of disarming traps with a DC of 35 or greater. With 5 or more tanks in the Set Trap skill a character gets a +2 synergy bonus on Disable Trap checks.

Spectacular Failure: When disarming or recovering a trap, a spectacular failure results in the trap immediately going off.

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