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To enter codes press enter while on the world map (game chat box should appear) hit enter after typing the cheat. Cheats are typed without spaces and should look like: herecomesthesun the word "cheat" will appear automatically this after you have entered it. so the chat box will read

Cheat: herecomesthesun

Cheat code : description

moneyfornothing : set all rescources to 9999, all mana and gold

herecomesthesun : clears all of the fog of war

paintitblack : replenishes all fog of war

allalongthewatchtower : places spies in everyones armies

borntorun : restores all leaders move points

anotherbrickinthewall : allows you to build another structure in your capital

help! : heals your entire party 100%

stairwaytoheaven : automatically gives all characters level up, units and leaders **

*Leaders can only gain x amount of levels and can't exceed preset level cap for mission/level however units may level up 100+ however damage caps are set for units.

*Warning- you may carry you leader over to the next mission/level if you use this, however you can't export any leader affected by the code at the very end of your quest.

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