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Donald Duck Goin' Quackers is a side-scrolling platformer with 3D graphics aimed at children. Call it 2.5D. If you've got a Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak, you can run the game in high resolution. Some portions of the game follow a Crash Bandicoot-like hallway movement where the camera is stationed behind Donald Duck.

Like all platformers, the story of the game revolves around Daisy Duck being ducknapped, thus the platform hero has to jump around to get to her & save her. In a shocking move by Disney, Donald will dispatch his foes. Video game violence at its worst. Instead of a life meter, if Donald is hit, he will go into "Quackers" mode, where he becomes nearly uncontrollable, yet destructive, and if he gets hit again (or fall into some hazard), he'll lose a life. Think of Mario falling into the lava in Super Mario 64.

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