DogFighter is an action aerial combat video game for Microsoft Windows.[1][2]

Developed by independent video game developer [3] [4] Dark Water Studios based in Derry, Northern Ireland,[5] DogFighter is digitally distributed through Valve's Steam game client for Windows. The game was released on June 14 2010[6].

DogFighter is the first commercial video game title to use the Instinct Engine.

120 Dedicated Servers and 20 Dedicated Demo Servers went online on August 17 2010, hosted by Multiplay.[7]


DogFighter consists of single-player levels as well as multiplayer maps where players congregate online to play against one another. DogFighter features different aircrafts varying in speed, agility and defense capabilities.

Players can play against up to 15 opponents in multiplayer game modes such as "DeathMatch", "Team DeathMatch" and "Capture the Flag". Single-player modes include a "Tournament" mode where the player can achieve medals for events completed and "Survivor" where they can battle against waves of enemy craft..

A teaser trailer,[8] released via YouTube on February 4, 2010 showcased a variety of craft and environments.


DogFighter includes Steam Achievements and Steam Cloud.

DogFighter uses Instinct Studio 2.0,[9] a cross-platform middleware solution created by Instinct Technology. The game also uses nVidia PhysX, Scaleform and Fmod.

Key technological features used in DogFighter include deferred rendering and landscape/outdoor environment technologies.


High Score Productions[10] is credited with sound design, effects and soundtrack.


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